Travel & Tourism is for leisure, adventure and learning; you would give yourself space from hectic life and would be looking for fun and relaxation. What if, you still have to run across for bookings, reservation, last minute changes, tickets etc during this period? Would you like to shell away yourself from it and just want to enjoy holidays,travel and/or tours. If yes, you need to look for a Travel agents and every travel agent can’t provide you peace of mind, it requires a commitment,experience and a dedicated team to assist you 24 X 7 whenever needed.

Aruna Air Travels are the one who can fulfill all your requirements varying from car rental, flight tickets, hotel reservations, tour booking (domestic & international), travel insurance, currency exchange,visa assistance and etc. We not only provide you with these services, our expert panel will assist you in deciding holiday location based on your interest, budget and duration based on our experience working with this industry from last 20 years.

“We plan; we manage! Go across globe and enjoy your tours, we are here for you 24 X 7”

Aruna Air Travels wholeheartedly devoted to provide a kaleidoscopic view of this phenomenon to the world! We provide you the best package which suits to your taste. Whether it is leisure, adventure, religious or romantic or any other trip, we have a package for you. Or you can customise it as you like. Come and explore the world!